If you are a fan of the already existing Playtech games, then brace yourself for some very exciting news – the online game development company have launched a new and exclusive Dual Network which will allow players to experience a tailored cultural approach to live games. The Dual Network will be available for live games on mobile casinos, which will offer plenty of refinement for those who are looking for a little bit extra from their live games. The special feature is currently available to players who reside in Europe and Asia, meaning that you can watch a European dealer who follows European customer service practices or an Asian dealer who follows Asian customer service practices, and so on.

The newly introduced aspect is sure to offer a cultural experience which will make playing different games such as online blackjack more exciting for those who take part. The vice president of operations at Playtech, Shimon Akad, “The introduction of the ‘Dual Network’ feature once again shows Playtech’s responsiveness to players’ needs. I am certain this feature will be more and more important amongst players and operators in no time.” He added: “We constantly aim to provide our operators with the newest technology and best offering in the market, we follow consumer behaviours and create products that provide our licensees with a strong competitive advantage, which allows them to expand their potential market.” It was only last month that Playtech announced that live games will be available across all of their mobile casino gaming platforms, meaning that mobile players will have access to the full range of games which are available already to those who play through their browsers or download casino software onto their computers while playing the games at home. This is a great step forward for the developers, as it means that they will be able to win many more mobile fans at a time when mobile gaming is seriously on the rise.

There have already been plenty of predictions made from people in the industry – people who really ought to know what they are talking about – that mobile growth is set to continue for a few more years at least, and that it may well become the primary way in which internet users engage with gambling over time. As a result of these positive signs, many online casino developers are rushing to develop their own mobile platforms and to ensure that all of their games are available through them, so that they can stay top of the market and continue to compete with their nearest rivals. It is clear that Playtech certainly has a lot of ground to make up when compared to some other of the top online casino developers, but they are certainly far from the bottom of the chain – and they will want to hold on to that position as well as trying to make up ground and get themselves to the top of the food chain.