A new study has revealed some interesting results when it comes to the way that both men and women receive pleasure when taking part in online gambling activities, such as playing Top Game Technology games or placing bets on sports events. The study looked into the pleasure centres of the brain, and what was found to be interesting was that even though men and women are very much wired differently in these areas, there are plenty of similarities when it comes to both gambling and arousal, and the way in which the two are linked in the brain.

The neuroeconomics study discovered that the way the brain receives pleasure signals related to both gamble and sexual arousal go straight to the same part of the pleasure centre, so they are intrinsically linked in our systems. They found that men who were shown erotic pictures and made to feel aroused ended up playing in a much more daring way and took more risks when gambling afterwards, as opposed to those who were shown frightening images or just neutral ones. The research maintains that gambling pleasure and arousal are received by the brain with the same level of intensity, with gambling online or in a land based casino also being compared to the same kind of idea as working the stock market and the thrill which that can provide. Individuals of both genders were included in the scientific research, which is how we can confidently state that the reactions are the same and the link between the two things is the same no matter whether you are male or female, which will certainly be interesting news to those who have surmised that men are more drawn to gambling or that women find more of a thrill in it – it turns out that both are the same.

Both men and women experienced higher levels of arousal after looking at the erotic pictures, and this had a knock on effect on their propensity to gamble and take risks in the stock market. In turn, gambling then led to an increased desire for intimacy, with women in particular feeling an increased level of desire. Moreover, it was even discovered that sexual experiences had whilst in casinos were considered to be better overall and more satisfying than those which were not. Age was also a factor in the betting stakes, as it was discovered that younger players were more likely to feel arousal and gamble more after looking at the pictures, while those who were older were less likely to feel any effect. An alternative case study which was recently concluded in the Netherlands also found that men who were professed gamblers tended to prefer going to the casino in order to gamble than spending time in the company of women, finding that winning easy money was more pleasurable and more instantly satisfying than spending time chasing after the women and their affections. MRI brain activity was scanned to form the conclusions.