If you are a poker player who uses the Microgaming Poker Network, then you will now be able to take advantage of the offer to see all of your hand histories available from HH Dealer. They have just added the option for you to take a look at your data from Microgaming games, so you should be able to access all the information that you wish to if you are already a member of the site and you are playing through the Microgaming network. The data mining site is popular amongst players for the fact that it allows you to see your own hand histories, though they are available only at a price.

As HH Dealer officials explained in a blog post, “For now, we offer subscriptions only, as we just started the data mining. In the next couple of weeks, we will unlock the bulk option. Then, you can buy a batch of recent hand histories from the past too.” The Microgaming network has peaked cash game player counts above 2000 on a regular basis, which makes it the tenth largest family of sites on the Internet and a real player in the industry. Some of the poker rooms which you can find on the Microgaming network include 32Red and 24hPoker, as well as plenty of others which you are sure to recognise as they are big names. The seven-day running average is around 2000 real money ring game players, according to popular traffic watchdog sites, which means that there is plenty of action going at different stakes. The HH Dealer site sports No Limit Hold ‘em hands on Microgaming starting from 5c/10c; a cursory check of hands at full ring tables shows you a good subscription price of fifteen dollars, and there is also a bulk purchase option if you wish to look at other networks.

The system includes a client which automatically downloads and unzip the hands for you, so that you do not need to import the data manually. The software will work with most of the popular poker tracking and analysis programs which you might wish to use, and a recent update to the loader has included live tracking. As HH Dealer officials explained, “Live Tracking will bring you new hand histories every couple of minutes. This means you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to get today’s hand histories for your subscription.” The Microgaming casino software was launched fifteen years ago, and they now have more than 400 gaming brands worldwide who have licensed it, which makes it amongst the most to disseminate the products in the gambling industry. Their poker software has not quite proven to be as popular as their casino slots, but considering that they are one of the biggest developers in the world in that category this is not something that should put you off them. If you are looking for a really fantastic way to enjoy analysing poker more, this could be the answer for you.