Gambling mogul and personality Calvin Ayre has decided to make some predictions for the year ahead in gambling, and many of his thoughts might well be news to the ears of those who enjoy Real Time Gaming games and other big features from the gambling world. In other words, as far as he sees it, things are on the up and up for gambling – and many more areas around the world are going to catch on to that fact, thereby expanding the gambling opportunities for people in many places and allowing them to enjoy gambling on the go or through their computers.

His thoughts first turned to the USA, where many commentators have seen the potential for great growth, as each individual state has to decide whether they are going to be one of the first or one of the last take part in the great online gambling rates which is currently emerging. The newly regulated markets in Europe have shown one or two dominant companies taking charge while the rest struggle hard to break even, and this is sure to be the case in the US states which regulate their site too. The operators who lose money, he predicts, will hang on in the hope that interstate compacts will be enough to change their situations, and poker and casino will still take a backseat to sports betting for many years to come. California is the most interesting state to keep an eye on, as it is sure to join the party very soon, perhaps during 2014, and it will be poker only at the start. Another result of the growth in the USA will be the showdown between the US and Antigua, where a settlement needs to be made to appease both sides. Antigua is not happy that there is new competition around, but the US will certainly not be happy either if they follow through on their threat to offer royalty free digital downloads of US intellectual property.

Not much is going to be happening in Europe, it seems, as the situation there is already well established with no need for anything to change. There may be some movement in terms of operators moving out of Gibraltar, thanks to the new gambling codes of conduct in the UK which may mean that the online gambling license in Gibraltar becomes superfluous. In Asia, operators are going to continue to take steps to find loopholes in the table cap which limits the amount of tables and out to be used in a casino; perhaps the obvious next step is to have mobile tablet live dealer baccarat set within the casino walls so that no one ever has to go elsewhere in order to find a seat. Japan is going to issue to resort casino licences, with one of them likely to go to either the Sands or MGM Resorts and the second going to an Asian operator such as Universal, Genting, or Melco Crown.