If you are looking to make a deposit into an online casino, then you have to find a method which is not only safe and secure it is also accepted by the casino that you are going for. One of the methods which we would like to take a look at in more depth is FundSend, which is accepted by sites such as the Winner Casino online as well as William Hill and 888 Casino. Their list of clients includes some of the top casinos around the world, so it should be no surprise that this is one of the top online payment services too.

It is certainly becoming one of the most preferred payment methods in the industry, as more and more people start to take advantage of the benefits that it can provide. It has been in operation since 2009, and is an instant service which means that players do not have to register an account before they start to use it. You can make a deposit of up to €5000 right away by using your existing cards, which is something that makes this payment method so popular – while other methods might take hours to set up and verify, and may even over complicate the process of making the deposit itself, this is simple and easy. That is the first and foremost reason for the growing popularity of the payment method, and the biggest brands in the world have become firm believers in the service because of the positive feedback that it prompts from the players. It is very easy to get started, as all you have to know is the identity of the online casino that you are making a deposit to and your personal details including your card, and then you will be ready to make any payment at any time.

The process is as follows: first of all you open the FundSend interface by going into the cashier section of the online casino which you wish to make a deposit to, and you should find that the ID code for the casino is imported into the field automatically. Then you put down the amount of cash that you wish to deposit, and the type of currency that you want to use, in order to start the process of sending the money across. The interface will then show you exactly how much you will be charged for the service, by way of confirmation so that you know exactly what you are doing and so that you can check that you entered everything correctly up to this point. Next you need to enter your personal details, including that of the card which you will use to play, and then click send funds now. Your card will be debited at this stage, and you will receive an email confirmation right away. When you look into the online casino site, you should find that you have the money in your account already as the process is an instant one.