Online gaming has not been around for so very long, but already City Club Casino is celebrating being in business for a full ten years. Such an achievement is certainly something to be lauded for, and you can bet that they have earned it – in a time when competition for customers over the internet is getting more and more fierce, they manage to hang on to their mantle as one of the premier destinations for internet gambling, with great welcome bonuses and some amazing jackpots to win every single day.

When you first visit the City Club Casino home page you can right away witness the jackpot counters moving up and up, an indication of the kind of prize money funds that are on offer should you get lucky. There are jackpots for slot machines, which tend to be the highest with their progressive jackpot systems, as well as a figure which tells you exactly how much money you can win in the casino as a whole. This should help to convince you which games to play when you visit each day in order to get the best chance of earning the kind of jackpot that you are looking for!

One of the extremely important things that you will find in their site is an assurance as to the fair play that you will find in their casino games. They have been granted a license by the Gaming Commission of The Netherlands Antilles, which checks for fair play and ensures that all results are randomised rather than the result of a predictable pattern, giving you the reassurance that all jackpots are open to any player and it is certainly a matter of luck as to who wins – you will not be scammed by the casino owners here. You can also find a large range of measures in place to act against any possibility of fraud, and you will be able to read about some of these on the site as well, letting you know that your identity and your money will both be safe while you play at this casino. Making a deposit is easy and secure, too: there are an amazing range of thirty five different methods that you can use to make a payment whenever you like, meaning that you can pick the type that suits you and add money to your account in a way that is convenient to your needs.

There are also a great range of games available at City Club Casino, which of course is one of the most important factors in assessing the quality of any online casino site. Rather than just the normal slot machines and table games, here you also have the chance to try more unusual gambling opportunities such as scratch cards, which are not often offered online. This could really be something interesting to try, especially if you are the kind of person who does not like getting all the scratched off material under your nails!