If you want to get some advice on whether or not you should make an account at the Royal Ace Casino online gambling site, then you have come to the right place, as we checked the site out earlier this week to see whether it would be something that we could recommend to our readers. We certainly liked what we saw at first glance: the main page of their site is really well designed, with a royal purple and gold theme that certainly carries through the idea of the casino’s name.

There are plenty of little animations across the front page, too: the logo itself and several other places of the page feature lights that run along the selected areas to draw your attention to them, while a widget on one side of the page displays the names of recent winners alongside how much they won (do not worry –full names are never disclosed, so you will only see a first name and then an initial of the last name, which is not enough to properly identify another player by). You can also see great little features such as gold menu bars that roll over to purple when you hover your mouse over them, and other images that are integrated seamlessly to help build up the expectations that the graphics in the games here and the animations that power them are going to be really spectacular.

There are plenty of games to choose from, as well. Going into the “preview games” tab allows you to see some featured casino games with images of their title screens – those that were featured when we checked it out included Loch Ness Loot, Monster Mayhem, Triton’s Treasure, and Lucky Last, all of which are slot machines – and also a list underneath this section of all of the other games that they provide, divided into categories so that you can easily find your favourite types. These categories are table games, video poker, speciality games, and slot machines of many different themes and types – three whole columns full of them, in fact! They are listed in alphabetical order so you can easily find out whether a game that you have enjoyed playing elsewhere is also available at Royal Ace Casino, or just browse down the whole list if you are not sure yet what you are looking for.

You will certainly have a good time looking around the Royal Ace Casino site, and the more that you look the more you will like. It is certainly worthwhile giving this casino site a go as you will get access to some great bonuses, and in addition the games that they offer are all of a high quality. You can switch between the many types that are on offer as much as you like, and with more than one hundred slot machine games to get through alone you will certainly take quite some time before you are bored of playing at this casino. There really do not seem to be any downsides to joining a casino like this!