Those who visit the SlotsPlus Casino site will notice right away that it is based in Europe, which is good news for those who like to play in online casinos that are based in more populous regions than the normal island getaways. There is perhaps more accountability for these European sites, and the best part it is that they freely welcome any American players in spite of the laws which continue to prohibit online gambling over there. This means that just about anyone is welcome, and they allow a number of different deposit methods too: you can choose Visa, Click and Buy, InstaDebit, MST Gift Cards, Neteller, and Money Order, and you can withdraw cash through a check that comes in the mail, a check that comes through a courier, ACH Direct Deposit that goes straight to US banks, Neteller, or Money Order.

With enough options to ensure that everyone can play with them, SlotsPlus also have to make sure that they provide a good range of games to satisfy all of their potential customers. They certainly have this covered, as you can see when you go into their tab that allows you to preview what they have on offer and see screenshots of all of their games. If you like slot machines this can be especially useful, as you can pick out the ones that look more like the type that you would like to play, as well as finding the ones with the most interesting and colourful themes. You can see before you even try playing them what kind of graphics will be involved in the games and what the background looks like, and even how many lines you will be able to play if you have good enough eyesight to make it out.

As well as the slot machines that the SlotsPlus Casino is named for, you will find a great many other types of games to choose from, such as speciality games, table games, and that perennial favourite, video poker. This will help you to take a break from the slots if you start to feel as though you have had enough of them for a while but still want to keep playing, as it is something different to try rather than always playing the same types of games whenever you visit the online casino site. It is a good idea to take a break from what you are used to sometimes, even if only to get some perspective on how much you enjoy it!

From what we have seen we are quite impressed with the SlotsPlus Casino, and this has only touched the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the attractions and features that they have. We have not even looked yet at the individual games and how interesting they are, and nor have we so much as mentioned the promotions such as the welcome bonus that you can expect to receive if you wish to play here. It is obvious that they have a lot to offer for any gambler!