If you want to know what it is like playing at the Win Palace Casino and whether you should invest in an account with them, you have come to the right place as we gave this casino site a trial run ourselves so that we could give a fair and balanced account for our readers.

First impressions of them when you come to their website are good. They have a nice interface which features a dark background, somewhat reminiscent of Victorian wallpaper, and red and gold detailing over the main features of the page. They also has a banner which features images of people playing at slot machines and card games, as well as enjoying a drink together or enjoying other table games like roulette, hinting at the kind of things you will be able to play with them. Options in their menu bar allow you to learn about the casino themselves, check out what promotions they currently have for new and existing players, preview the games that they provide, take a look at the different banking options on offer, check your account if you are already signed up, join the casino if you are not, and of course download the software so that you can get started on using it. For ease of communication, you can choose to view the site in English, Italian, German, French, or Spanish, so if English is not your first language you will still find it very easy to navigate your way around and find the information that you are looking for. You can even play in Euros rather than in dollars to make the conversion rates easier if you wish!

They provide an exclusive VIP Club for their loyal members in order to give rewards for those who come back to play time and time again, and you will also find some great promotions that change on a regular basis to provide advantages for players of certain games or those who like to deposit certain amounts at a time. There are also daily slots tournaments for those who need to feel a bit of competition rather than simply playing for money, and the prizes for winning these Win Palace Casino tournaments are certainly high enough to get you interested in playing in the first place! They say that you can get higher and more frequent payouts in online casinos than you can with those that are land based, and this much is certainly true – as you will see when you look at the progressive jackpots here!

All in all, we would certainly recommend Win Palace Casino after the time that we were able to dedicate to giving it a review, and we would also recommend joining up with them quickly so that you get the full advantages of the welcome bonus and other promotions that are currently on offer, as it is impossible to tell when they might change or no longer be available. It is important to make sure that you get the best deals, after all!