Having been in business since 2008, Top Game Technology are still considered as one of the newer software development companies on the market, as many of their competitors are much more well established – but this does not necessarily mean that you should see them as inferior or as having less to offer, as they are determined to put their best foot forward and provide excellent in all aspects of the software and the specific games that they can offer to casino operators in order to run their online casino sites to a high degree of quality.

You will find that Top Game Technology offer games in a lot of categories, including some that other game developers do not bother so much with, which gives operators a reason to choose them above others. Their graphics in terms of their table games often shy away from being too realistic whilst still looking very smooth and modern, which is an interesting take; they have blackjack games on offer in several forms as well as roulette and baccarat when it comes to table games, and they have video poker too in some of the most popular formats that players enjoy the most.

They also have keno and a video arcade style game called Weed Whacker, and then of course they have their slot machine games for casino operators to choose from. Some of their video slot titles and the ones which they are most keen to push are Merry Bells, Witches Cauldron, Voyager’s Quest, Daytona Gold, Viking & Striking, Treasures of Pharaohs, Reel Gangsters, Diablo, Bingo Slot, Beauty Salon, Lucky Fishing, and Cool Stone Age; they also offer classic style slots, such as Bankroll Reloaded, Bingo Slot in an earlier format, and Tropical Punch Night Dream for casino operators to try.

Some of the other features which you will find in their software include a download package which is the fastest in the industry, the ability to open multiple tabs within the client so that players can multi task, live chat support, affiliate tracking systems, continual upgrades, payment technology integrated into the client, and an ongoing research and development program which means that they will continue to release new games as time goes on. They are perhaps best seen as a good package for a casino that is just starting up, or as an add on to one that also uses software from other game developers.

You will find that there are not as many sites currently using Top Game Technology as there are with other software developers, and this may mean that you feel a bit cautious about using them or looking for a site that offers their software in order to play the games. They are of course somewhat limited in their games thanks to only being a newer company with less in their portfolio, so there are certainly pros and cons to using them and you may want to try them out before committing to playing their games.