If you are looking to get the chance to work with an affiliate program in order to increase your potential casino winnings, then you are certainly on the right track towards doing very well for yourself indeed. We like to bring you reviews of the latest and most long-running casino affiliate systems out there, so this week we are taking a look at Roxy Affiliates, who were established in 2009. They have a huge range of popular brands belonging to their system, including the Roxy Palace Casino, Lucky Clic, Casino Splendido, and Roxy Poker. All of their brands use the Microgaming software, which means that they are absolutely the best that you could find in the industry in order to help you get the highest quality gaming two point players in the direction of for better results.

Having Microgaming software on board is a very important factor, as it means that you can always rely on the online casino sites to be trustworthy, high quality, and appealing to any players who sign up to them. Part of this is because of the fantastic range of online slot machine games in particular that Microgaming is famous for, including their huge progressive jackpot games which attract a hell of a lot of attention in the media and are always amongst the most popular slots of the year. With casinos such as these available in the programme for you to look at, you are sure to be able to find the chance to bring in a lot of new customers to them, and the best part is that you can choose to represent just one of them or a mixture of several, or even all of them, if you wish to. This makes it more simple for you to try and get customers into the right places, as you can give what seems to be an unbiased review by putting all of the casinos up next to one another, even as you are in fact directing customers to all of them in turn.

The revenue share is a good percentage, with between 25% to 35% available for those who take part in the affiliate programme, so you can be sure that you are going to get a lot of profit here if you manage to sign the right kind of players up and get them started on the long-term kind of play that you need. There is no multitier system here and you will not have to worry about paying a cost per acquisition, so all you need to do is get yourself set up with the marketing tools which they have available in order to make sure that you can bring in customers on a regular basis and start getting that profit into your account. You will also find that there is no negative carryover from month to month, so even if you are in the negative on one month as one of your players has won big, the next month you have the chance to become positive again.